🚀 When it comes to your brand awareness, the concept of “go big or go home” might come to mind. Bigger is always better right? 🤔

Not necessarily.  Working with a smaller marketing agency can be a massive benefit to you, your brand, and your business. There are several advantages that you’re afforded as a client when working with a marketing agency that has a small team. Let’s take a look!

Expertise and Niche Spaces

A marketing agency can often work with a wide variety of clients across industries and business sizes. When you work with a smaller marketing agency, you are going to get a sharp expertise from a team that often might have niche experiences in certain industries. If you’re on the search for a specific type of approach to your brand and industry, there’s a small marketing agency that is going to be able to cover what you need!

For example: your business manufactures a variety of metal parts but you have a specific focus on the aerospace industry. A small marketing agency will be able to really dive into that specific space and put their expertise to work for you!

More Focused Attention

With a small marketing agency, you will find that you do have more attention put onto you as a client. Big agencies tend to have far more clients, but smaller marketing agencies will oftentimes have a more select group of clients that they work with. This affords these agencies the freedom and ability to give each client more attention.

Extra attention and dedication from a small agency can be a key deciding factor for you as a business owner!

In an article published by Ad Age, one co-founder of a smaller agency had this to say: “It’s the exact same process as when it’s a big place. If you work at an ad agency with 300 people, 300 people don’t go meet the client and pitch it … it’s a group of six people. So it’s kind of the same thing.” In regard to attention from a small marketing agency, you are going to get the same process and work from them as you would a larger agency.

But with a smaller team, that attention is going to be extremely focused for the betterment of your brand awareness.


Creativity is certainly not hard to come by at a smaller marketing agency. With a tight knit team, there’s going to be plenty of ideas flying around that can prove to be out of the box.

With smaller agencies, there also tend to be less hands in the so-called project “pot”, meaning that ideas and projects can be worked through more quickly and effectively than a larger agency might be able to do.

Small marketing agencies offer fresh thinking, a personalized touch, and expertise that is going to help your business’ brand development on its way!


Make a list of marketing activities you know you should be doing, but just don’t have time to get done. Those are perfect tasks for a small agency to take over.

A Perfect Fit

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