🚀 Sometimes updating information related to your business can fall to the wayside, especially when the world is kind of all over the place! But updating things like your social profiles and your Google My Business can be important, especially if you’ve had to shift your hours of operation for your small business recently.

The great thing about Google My Business (GMB) is it’s free! It’s a listing that appears on Google and can often be one of the first things potential and current customers might see about your small business!

It’s an easy way to engage with customers or clients right in Google.

In regards to Covid-19, making sure to update your GMB profile can keep your customers up to date on how your business is operating. And it’s a good thing to keep in mind for anytime something unexpectedly changes your hours in the future.

So what can you do with GMB?

1: Update your description!

Updating your business description can be extremely helpful. Whether the update is to explain that COVID has affected your hours or if something else such as a personal event has affected your hours, putting this in the description can provide an easily accessible way for customers to see it. You can also offer information related to when you may be opening back up, adjusted hours, or adjusted services that you have implemented. You can include whether you are temporarily closed as well!

And of course, updating your business description doesn’t have to be just during hard times. If you’re looking to add some new info to it or if you recently had an alien crash land in your front yard whose taken up residence in your business, that’s always good to add in!

2: Upload images.

Once you have access to your GMB account (steps to do this can be found here), you can easily go in and upload images. Google does offer some basic guidelines on photo format, size, and resolutions, but you’re free to upload things that showcase the fun side of your business, what services you offer, and more! 

Tip: If you’re active on social media, try sharing some of the same images you’ve uploaded for some additional content!

3: Managing reviews.

Reviews are something important to any small business! Using GMB’s review feature can allow you to easily reply to reviews. This allows you an easy way to interact with customers and it can help build trust with your customers, showing that you value input in regards to your small business. 

To actually garner reviews, be sure to remind customers to leave them! This can be in the form of social media graphics, a link somewhere on your website, or any other creative manner you can think of. Maybe a unique in-store sign that customers see on their way out?

For more information on managing reviews, check out Google’s page.

With GMB being free, there’s certainly a lot to be gained by making use of it for your small business! Keeping your profile as up-to-date as possible is a simple way to keep your customers informed, especially when something unpredictable happens!


Look at your GMB profile and give it an updated description!

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