🚀 By now, just about everyone has heard of Marie Kondo. She’s the creator of the KonMari method that’s all about tidying and organizing your things by category. People have really found the method to be effective when it comes to their physical objects, but have you considered doing this for your company’s social media?

Cleaning up your social media presence can involve a few things that we’ll go over here in bite-sized sections so you can get through the list and get started! 

Keep in mind one of the most important parts of the KonMari method: does it spark joy?

1: Do old posts and images make sense to keep?

This is a pretty straight forward question. When you look back through old Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts, do they make sense to your company’s social media presence now?

Businesses change over time, whether that be in the services/products offered, the image they present, or the branding and content they utilize. So checking to see if old posts and images across your social channels still fit with your current brand can be a simple way to clean up your social presence.

For example: have your overall branding color palette, imagery, and logo changed? Deleting old posts that don’t match your new look can help keep a more cohesive look across your channels!

2: Consider what digital strategies have worked.

When we discuss digital strategies, take stock of what kind of advertising you might be doing. What ads are working for you?

Whether you’re handling your ads yourself or you work with a marketing agency (like Escape Plan Marketing 😉), consider the data behind everything. What kinds of ads or marketing strategies are working best for you? What should you continue with and what might be best to scrap?

By doing a bit of “cleaning up” of your digital strategies, you can have a better handle on what your social media marketing looks like.

3: What social channels “spark joy”?

This might seem like a silly question. But one of the key parts of Marie Kondo-ing your social channels is to figure out which channels are really working the best for you.

There’s plenty of advice out there that might tell you to use every single social platform out there. But if you narrow down your social media for your small business to the ones that work best for you, in terms of what results you want to see, you’ll have a more effective social approach.

So which channels “spark joy” is really asking which channels are the most productive for you.

Putting the time and effort into tidying up your social media channels can really align your vision for your small business, no matter what your business does. It can give you a more targeted approach and clean out old, unrelated content!


Take a look at your social channels and figure out which ones are providing the results you want to see!

Don’t Know Where to Start?

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