Oh, Snap! It’s Monday. 📸What pictures are you using on your website? Stock photos might be the easy choice, but professional corporate photography is better. Here’s why.

“There is one thing the photograph must contain – the humanity of the moment.”
– Robert Frank

Heading on over to Shutterstock or Pixabay for photos is an easy way to put images on your website. But, these pictures will be pretty generic.

On the other hand, professional corporate photography is a sure-fire way to express the human interaction element of your business. If you want to showcase the uniqueness of your company, you really need a professional photographer to take pictures of your business, employees, and physical location.

Plus, corporate photography results in images that communicate your own unique vision. And stock photos just can’t do that.

With a professional photographer, you also avoid overuse of the “everywhere girl.” You know, the generic, professional woman wearing a headset and a smile while working at a desk. (Did you know that those photos actually originated from a 1996 photo shoot with a woman named Jennifer Anderson?)

While it may become easier to license photos in the future, corporate photography will always show that you’re a step above your competition. Furthermore, you get to put a relevant human face to your business on its website.

Now, I’m not going to lie. You can get some ok stock photos. (Heaven knows, we’ve used enough in this blog!) But, professional corporate photos shot just for you will always be better.

Just remember these 2 tips:

  • When it is time to work on your website, make sure you team up with a company that understands the importance of great photography.
  • Always use a true commercial photography professional. Back-yard snappers taking cute pictures of kids don’t count.

Bonus Tip: Corporate photos make your social media channels more engaging as well.


Do you have stock photos on your business website? Call up a professional photographer and get started on replacing them.

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Stocked Up on Stock Photos?

Escape Plan MarketingThere’s no reason to have the same photos everyone else has. Escape Plan Marketing recommends 3 commercial photographers here in the Charlotte area. Rick Haithcox (see the photo above), Chase King, and Ty Longworth.

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