🚀 Social media is kind of becoming more and more important. It’s a tool that can be useful, especially for small businesses, in promotion, connecting with the community around you, and reaching your target demographic. 

When it comes to small business social media, we wanted to pull together a couple easy ways for you to make the most of it and really engage with your audience!

Respond to Comments

This is certainly the most straightforward way to interact with your audience. When you respond to comments, people who follow your page tend to notice. Whether they’re asking a question or just sharing something cool about your business, responding in some way definitely leaves an impression.

People tend to really notice businesses and companies who do respond over social media. In fact, studies have found that a lot of people actually expect it. 

Responding to comments can definitely be fun too! A lot of social media platforms have GIFs that you can respond with and using emojis in your reply can add a bit of fun as well. And of course, when you respond to comments, be sure to use fun responses as they seem to fit the conversation. 

Try Your Hand at Stories!

Every social media platform has long term content that you can add to your page, like photos, articles, and text posts. In regards to Facebook and Instagram, you can add a story that allows your customers and followers to see the content for 24 hours. 

Stories are great for a small business that might be looking to promote a sale, an event that is coming up, or if you’re looking to share something fun. 

One great way to really utilize stories is to add relevant brand colors and fonts to the stories that you create! This can help tie the story Into your overall brand.

Stories serve as a fantastic way to interact with your customers outside of the traditional feed on social media. Some ideas of content you can use in your story include:

  • Behind the scene photos
  • Promotional materials
  • Fun videos that you and your staff create
  • Memes that you can tie to your small business
  • The UFO on site of your business

Use the Poll Feature.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter Have the poll feature, where you can pose questions to your customers.

Using the poll feature on social media for a small business can help you better understand your customers and what they like. 

For example, perhaps you’re a pool cover manufacturer. You might ask the following question: when do you open up your pool for spring? Optional answers to this question can include month ranges that your customers can choose from.

These kinds of questions leave the floor open to your customers to provide feedback in a really simple way. Polls can be a really great way to learn information from your customer base and a low-stress way to interact with them. 

So as a small business, try and think over the ways that you can really use social media to your benefit!


Create a poll for your social media channel and see what kind of responses you get from your followers!

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