Gobble, goggle, it’s the Monday before Thanksgiving. 🦃But, if you have a small business, I’m sure you’re still working your tail off. Let’s talk about how to get your piece of the seasonal pie.

“When you support small business, you’re supporting a dream.” – Anonymous

America’s favorite annual feeding frenzy is finally here! Oh, I’m not talking about the mounds of turkey and sweet potato pie we’ll consume on Thursday. I’m talking about the millions of people battling in search of the holy grail of holiday shopping deals. It’s time for Black Friday.

The annual kickoff to the holiday shopping season seems limited to big-box retailers and online juggernauts. Y’know, the ones who can afford to take massive risks on door-busters to suck in shoppers and pump them out with armloads of goodies. Those guys have it so wrapped up that most local storefronts don’t even open on Black Friday.

So, what’s a small business to do? Should you just take the week off and hang out with the in-laws? 🤮Nothing about that sounds like a good idea.

Small Business Saturday

To many SMB stores, Small Business Saturday feels like table scraps left over from Black Friday. But, in 2018 the locally-focused shopping holiday took in a record $17.8 Billion in sales. That’s a lot of leftovers. If you sell anything out of a local storefront, don’t miss this golden opportunity.

Online Holiday Shopping

Cyber Monday is an outdated term. Today, more holiday shopping is done online than in the store. And it ain’t just on Monday.

Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon all offer tremendous opportunities for local businesses to sell online without spending thousands on an e-commerce website. And these sites put you right next to the “big guys.”

Black Friday Guerrilla Marketing

If your storefront is in a high-traffic area, stay open with a big honkin’ sign. The sign should read:


Give something people care about to get them in your store. Standing in line at Kohl’s and Best Buy with bored kids pushing buttons is exhausting. Put on some chill music and let those weary shoppers sit down with a cup of coffee or juice. Then, send them out with a flyer about your holiday specials.

Don’t get discouraged when they don’t buy anything today. They’ll remember you when the frenzy wears off.

Bonus: This is also an excellent marketing strategy for non-retail businesses. Tax time is right around the corner, CPA’s!


As a small business, be open to alternative opportunities traditionally reserved for the big guys.

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Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving and a Successful Holiday Season,

Drew Horine
Drew Horine, Founder & Chief Creative