🚀As things around us continue to change, due in no small part to a particular worldwide event, we’re going to have to keep making changes as small business owners! One thing that’s shifted quite a bit is the hiring process.

Making Adjustments

Usually you might post a job online and get plenty of online apps and then connect with some stand out applicants for an in person interview. But this process is a little different now.

Online and phone interviews are the go-to if you’re hiring right now and it might be a process you’re not too familiar with.

That’s why we’ve pulled together some easy tips to utilize during the interview process for your next awesome small business employee!

Questions You Can Ask

Asking questions is a great way to get to know a candidate. But consider asking questions that might not tie directly to a job’s role!

Some ideas include:

  • What are your top criteria you’re looking for in your next job?
  • Are you looking for more flexibility in your work?
  • What kind of challenges are you looking for?

These kinds of questions can help you in getting a better understanding of what that person is looking for and if they might be a good fit!

If you’re interested in getting to know a little more about a candidate’s ambitions and long-term goals, another question to consider is:

Who inspires you the most? And why?

This question is a great ice breaker to an interview that is over the phone or online because it gives a candidate the option to have a bit of a chatty moment. They can tell you about someone that inspires them. And this also allows you to get an understanding of what kind of mindset they may have!

Stop Asking About Strengths and Weaknesses!

Have you ever enjoyed when someone’s asked you this question? Of course not!

When we ask candidates about their weaknesses and strengths, the most common responses are going to be:

“I can be a perfectionist.”

“Sometimes stress gets to me.”

“I’m a great team player.”

As small business owners, you want to get a better understanding of your candidates! Change the age old strengths vs. weaknesses question to something a little different that lets you dig a little deeper.


What are you looking to learn in this role?

Do you think there are parts of the job that might push you outside of your usual work environment?

These adjustments to the question open up the space for the candidate. The candidate will be able to discuss more pointed topics than just being a perfectionist.

Taking on Change

At Escape Plan, change is something we love to see! Whether that’s a change in your interview process as a small business or doing something to freshen up your online presence. 

We love to see small businesses growing. This can include social media, blog posts (like this one!), email campaigns, and more! For a monthly free, we do what’s needed to grow your business. Establishing business goals and then diving in with fresh content are the first steps.

Much like changing up your small business interview process, switching up your business can be daunting. But taking change head on can be fun! 

We promise.


Think up some new takes on classic interview questions!

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