Searching for the best kind way to start Mondays? 🤔 If you’ve ever heard of search engine optimization but never understood why it’s important to your business, then this Rocketfuel is the one for you.

“The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.” – Anonymous

That quote does a great job of summing up how important search engine optimization is to any business. When was the last time you went past the first page of a Google Search? Better yet, when do you even get to the bottom of the first page?

Search engine optimization is about building and crafting your website to help Google’s mysterious algorithm find your website when a user types a specific phrase relevant to your business in its search bar.

OK, let’s back up.

Let’s say that you own a local contracting business in your town. No one uses the phonebook anymore to find services, they search on Google. When potential customers are looking for a service like yours, they might type in “home renovation contractor near me.” Well, when they hit “enter,” Google’s search engine optimization algorithm is going to give them websites that have phrases like “home renovation contractor” on it. If your website copy and content marketing uses that phrase, then it comes up near the top of the results.

The real goal is to make sure your website shows up at the very top every time. That’s what search engine optimization is for.

Not only does search engine optimization help drive traffic to your site – effectively getting your company name out there — but it also helps with conversion rate optimization, which is turning your visitors into customers.

Without search engine optimization, your competitors may beat you to the punch and garner the attention of your potential clients. And we don’t want that, do we?


Take a hard look at your website and think about key words and phrases that can help you land on Google’s first page.

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