Local Business vs. Online Retailers

Can Small Business Compete with Big-Box Retailers?

As a small business, you know your main competitor is not the other guy across town who does the same thing. It’s the giant alien invaders who move in and assimilate an entire city block.

Competing against the likes of Walmart, Amazon and Olive Garden is tough. They have bigger stores, more money, and better brand recognition.

Sometimes it feels like you’re battling phaser cannons with a BB gun.

Sure, you have better products and customer service. But, that doesn’t seem to be enough to take on the Borg.

Lost in Cyberspace

You’re never going to have the resources or marketing money of a global corporation. But, you can set yourself apart to local customers. Here’s how.

92% of people research online before they will ever try a small business. And they’re not just looking at your website.

Potential customers want to see Google Reviews, social media activity, and a website built with their needs in mind.

  • If they can’t find you on Google, you’re toast.

  • If your reviews are lame, they won’t come.

  • And if your site doesn’t work on mobile, forget it.

Mobile Websites
Small Business vs. Corporations

Tales from the Front Lines

If almost everyone checks you out online, doesn’t it make sense to have an awesome web presence?

But, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped into a local business and heard, “Yeah, we’ve got a website. But, it’s not very good.”

Second most common is, “Our Facebook hasn’t been updated in forever.”

A crappy, neglected website smells like a business that’s given up. Nobody wants to go there.

If your front-line employees are embarrassed to give out your website, it’s time to make a change. That old and busted site is costing you customers every single day.

Can a Small Business Compete? Yes!

A strong web presence will help your business attract new customers and thrive in the Amazon economy. But, don’t try to do it alone. Hire a professional and follow these guidelines:

  • Must work on mobile, tablet and desktop

  • Include necessary info for Google and local search

  • Attractive design that represents your brand

  • Clear calls to action

  • Clear Contact Info: Phone, Form, and Social Media

  • Directions and a link to Google Maps

  • Professional graphics and images

  • Clear, non-technical language

  • Restaurants: Make your menu mobile-friendly!!!

We’re on your side.

Escape Plan Marketing exists to give small business a fighting chance on the web. We go beyond the basics to create a unified web marketing plan designed to convert curious onlookers into paying customers.

Yes, you can compete. Call 980-285-7782 or contact us for a free quote today.

Can Small Business Compete with Big-Box Retailers?

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