Lights, camera, action! 🎥 Online video marketing is a tough nut to crack, but we’ll make it easier with worthwhile strategies and tips.

“It’s not what you upload, it’s the strategy with which you upload.” – Will Keenan

Plenty of customers watch videos on their computers and phones. With online video marketing, you can get on their screens to spread your content and knowledge on the vast internet. But it’s important to create a strategy that will tie in to your company’s brand while being flexible enough to keep up with trends.

Invest in online video marketing

Poor video quality will turn most viewers away from your content, but it doesn’t take much to get a decent camera and some good lighting. Depending on what kind of videos you make, you won’t need much more than a camera, tripod, camera lights, and a three-point lighting system. With some bargain hunting, you should be able to snag those for around $300. And don’t forget the editing software!

Ideation time

Sit down and figure out what information you want your customer base to know. Discussing industry tips and tricks in a fun setting could inspire a customer to learn more about what you do. Showing off cool products or creating a time-lapse of a project could end up viral on internet. Whatever your industry, there’s going to be something interesting you could share with an audience.

Pick a platform

Online video marketing isn’t just uploading videos to YouTube and then hoping for the best. There are a variety of platforms that allow direct video uploads or link sharing. If you’re comfortable with Twitter, start sharing your videos there. If you can find a niche, relevant community on Reddit, it lets users directly upload video files onto the subreddits and you can share with thousands of people. Maybe you’re in a trendy industry and can get some views on TikTok. If none of those options work, YouTube channels can still work, but you have to hustle to get subscribers.

Plan ahead

When it comes to online video marketing, you want to create a steady stream of content for your viewers. Plan out your videos at least three to six months ahead and get a few videos done in a short time. Create a schedule of uploads that’s predictable and easy to stick to, while staying realistic. Do you really think you could upload a video every week, or are you busy and only have time once a month for your online video marketing efforts?


This week, come up with five cool video ideas and determine which platform they will work best on. Start looking for equipment and then film!

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