🚀 Working from home has become the new norm for many industries (not all, because there are still plenty where work from home just isn’t possible). So what does that mean for small businesses?

That #WFH Feeling

This is something you might be wondering as a small business owner, especially if you’ve shifted to remote work during 2020. Office spaces have been the traditional go-to work space for a long time, but remote work has been growing in popularity for several years.

You might be wondering – what does remote work do for me and my business?

Don’t worry, we‘ve pulled together some interesting reasons remote work might be something to consider in the long run!

Boosted Productivity – Oh Yeah!

Nix the idea that remote workers are just sitting at home binging Netflix all day. If we look at the data (via a Stanford study), it shows that productivity is more boosted at home!

When you consider that commute time is cut out, things like having flexibility in break time, and not having co-workers stopping by an office or desk to chat, it’s not too surprising that remote workers can be more productive!

Employee Stress Goes WAY Down

As any person knows, stress can be a huge issue, in your personal or work life.

A study done in 2019 showed that some of the top reasons remote workers chose to work from home included avoiding the commute to work, wanting to improve their work-life balance, and wanting to reduce their stress.

Work from home, even as an option, might go a long way to helping employees reduce stress.

Employee Retention Is Increased – For Businesses of Any Size

Don’t worry, this type of retention won’t be a memory test! Instead, we mean that employee’s staying on with your business or company is increased!

If we look to that previously mentioned Stanford study, they found that employee retention was increased by 50% when they had the option to work from home. That’s a lot!

Overall, this kind of retention works out for you as a business owner and for your employee. You wind up having to spend money to replace any employee that moves on and your employees will undoubtedly feel valued with a WFH option.

Is Remote Work for You?

The answer to this is going to depend on you! Consider the benefits of remote work for the long-run, beyond this year, and take into consideration your market, industry, location, and your employees.

If you think these different factors align to make a permanent move to work from home, or even to offer the option, you can always give it a try!

If WFH is something you’d like to consider, you can introduce it gradually via Work From Home Fridays or allowing your employees to pick a day that they’d like to work from home.


When you think about your business’ industry, what about work from home do you think you might benefit from related to it?

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