🚀The nation is collectively holding its breath until the polls close tomorrow. But no matter how you vote or who wins, you’ve still got a business to run.

There’s no doubt your business looks way different than you imagined in 2019. But, what’s it going to look like in 2021? What transformations (forced or otherwise) will you keep once the election and COVID crisis are over? Let’s take a look.

How has your business transformed this year?

Continuing on from our last RocketFuel in October, we’re looking at the post-COVID marketplace a little bit more! There’s still plenty of things that may change, but it’s never a bad thing to take a look at the different predictions and trends that mid-size companies might expect in the marketplace afterward.

This time around we’re going to have a short chat about transformation.

Transformation is something that many businesses have had to face during the pandemic. It’s fair to say that transformation, including unexpected changes like social distancing and having to switch to more online means of communication and business, can be difficult.

But we’re going to talk a bit about how transformation during the pandemic has generally affected businesses.

Transformations Tied to COVID

Whether you have made shifts in how you operate your business (are you online more now?) or have shifted your marketing efforts, there are plenty of changes made during the pandemic that you might be able to carry on when things start to look up!

In a piece for the Harvard Business Review, Dirk Schroeder discussed how businesses can make COVID solutions into a viable part of a business. The first step he discusses is that business owners and entrepreneurs need to determine if the solution is going to address long-term problems.

For example, have you moved part of your business to an online-only model during COVID? Ask yourself if that’s a part of your COVID solution that makes sense to keep in the long-term! Whether long-term is several months or years for you, see if it makes sense for your business.

Seek Out Assistance

No matter the kind of changes you have made during the pandemic, preparing for the post-COVID marketplace is going to be important! Whether that involves taking stock of your business model moving forward, determining marketing strategies, ramping up production, or revisiting any other area of your business, you can seek out assistance.

Trying to go through a transformational phase, whether pandemic-induced or otherwise, alone, can be daunting. Working with your team that’s already been established or reaching out to outside freelancers and experts that can assist you in your steps moving forward can make the difference.

Understand where you want to move forward with your plans in the post-COVID marketplace and go from there. With anything related to COVID there are going to be unknowns, but having a team in place that will work to get your business where it needs to be is crucial.


Identify one solution that you’ve made during COVID that could carry on as a long-term addition to your business.

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