🚀 When it comes to promotion, email marketing is a massively effective strategy for businesses of all sizes to make use of. According to statistics pulled together by OptInMonster, there are 102.6 trillion emails sent every year and the average email user gets 13 commercial or marketing emails a day.

With that kind of data in mind, we want to look at how you can go about personalizing your email marketing. Personalizing your emails can be a simple way to ensure that your email actually gets through to your email subscribers, instead of winding up in the spam folder. Personalizing your email marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers and the process builds on itself naturally with each step.

Utilize Segmentation

When you consider your customers, you undoubtedly will have a demographic that varies. This can be based on taste, interests, or personal preferences. So why are you using the same email for each and every customer? Segmentation of marketing emails can be a fantastic way to personalize the marketing materials that are sent out to your customers!

Segmentation is essentially the process in which you divide your customers into different groups wherein everyone in the group has similar characteristics. These different groups can be figured out based on your industry and what your customers are most interested in.

For example, if you are a printing company you might want to segment by customers who order in bulk, those who order in smaller amounts, and based on what kind of products are ordered.

Using segmentation to personalize the emails you are sending to your customers has the potential to increase your email open rates and even click-to-open rates! Segmentation lets you really tailor your marketing emails with intent.

Make Use of Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is web content that adjusts according to the interests and preferences of a user, making it a perfect tie in with segmenting your email marketing. Making use of dynamic content in the body of your marketing emails really allows you to save time working on making each email relevant to your customers or potential customers!

When using dynamic content, you will usually only need to create a single email and create customizable sections of the email that will be based on the customer segment that you’re sending it to!

By making use of relevant information that’s available to you from your customer base, you can easily personalize your marketing emails through dynamic content. Different information you might base dynamic content off of includes location, preferences, past purchases, age, and others.

Personalizing your email marketing can have a big impact on your business and your customer base!


Think up some specific categories that you can segment your customer base into.

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