What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT defines itself as Artificial Intelligence that has been “designed to generate human-like responses to text-based inputs.” Open AI, the creator of Chat GPT, is an independent research organization company.

Chat GPT is capable of understanding and generating natural language text in a variety of contexts, including casual conversation, academic writing, and technical documents. It is also able to perform tasks such as language translation, summarization, and question answering.

As a language model, Chat GPT is able to generate understandable and contextually relevant responses to a wide range of prompts. It has been used in a variety of applications, including chatbots, text generators, and language understanding systems.

Companies like Microsoft have taken notice of and are heavily investing in Chat GPT. Since November 2022, Chat GPT has taken the web by storm. Chat GPT has begun to revolutionize the way content is created for many industries. This used to be done solely by a copywriter. This isn’t the case anymore.

What is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is a professional writer who creates content (known as “copy”) for advertising, marketing, or other promotional purposes. Essentially, the goal of copywriting is to persuade the reader or viewer to take some action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service.

Copywriters may work in a variety of industries, including advertising agencies, marketing departments, or as freelancers. They may write copy for a range of media, including print ads, television and radio commercials, website content, social media posts, and more.

Copywriting involves research, brainstorming, and creative thinking to develop effective messaging and a clear call to action. It requires a strong understanding of the target audience and the product or service being promoted. Good copywriters have excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and a strong grasp of language and grammar.

Michael adds that anyone can write content, but it takes talent to be a copywriter. A copywriter doesn’t simply write words. They evoke “emotion.” It takes a special talent to go beyond the words and humanize the content they produce.

With the availability now of Chat GPT, many people wonder about the value and need for a copywriter. Do I even need to hire someone to write copy now that I can use Chat GPT? Or can I do the writing myself using Chat GPT?

Consequently, in light of the popularity of Chat GPT, many copywriters are asking questions too. They are concerned with one question…

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Take Our Jobs?

Of course, with any new technology, a discussion erupts. Will this technology take over my industry? Will I lose my job because of (fill in the blank)?

Drew states that with the introduction of new technology, people become suspicious. Truthfully, job elimination does happen with technological advances. On the plus side, new jobs are generated, too. However, the person who may have previously performed the job may not necessarily become the person who learns how to operate the technology.

Old jobs go, but new jobs emerge.

For example, copywriters can begin using Artificial Intelligence to produce content. Then, a copywriter can manipulate the content to make it more personalized to that specific industry. Therefore, the copywriter is not obsolete but has learned how to adapt their skill set to the latest tools available.

No Innovation=Death Spiral

Therefore, any time a company is unwilling to pivot and adapt, it will solidify the end of that company. This has been evidenced by two different companies: Kodak and Blackberry. Kodak refused to accept that digital cameras would produce a quality product. Film lost out to the digital age. Later on, the Blackberry company became the first to market mobile devices. They didn’t believe that people would use a phone without a physical keyboard, therefore, they didn’t design one. Today, phones without keyboards are all we see. Blackberry’s inability to innovate pushed them out of the marketplace permanently.

What Does the Future Hold for Chat GPT?

With the introduction of Chat GPT, companies will be able to create more content in a greater volume. Because of this, Chat GPT will allow for the creation of even more creative content than ever before. Ultimately, AI will not take away anyone’s job, but “anyone who knows how to use it well will.”

Michael seems to think that by the end of 2023, Google will have its own version of Chat GPT within its browser. Microsoft has thrown all kinds of money at this technology. Currently, if you are a user of Microsoft teams, you are already utilizing the services of Chat GPT.

We must remember that humans are full of creativity. More specifically, Chat GPT is a huge culmination of human creativity. People will find creative ways to use Chat GPT the better we get at using this tool.

Action Tip: Embrace Change

Don’t put your head in the sand! Be proactive about embracing new tools that make life more enjoyable and easier. Do some research. Try Chat GPT for yourself.

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