🚀As we get further into the autumn, the big holiday shopping season is coming on even quicker! With 2020 being an ever-changing landscape, it might be a little difficult to think so far ahead in terms of marketing ideas.

But as with any year, it can be prudent to start making plans early on! Here at Escape Plan Marketing, we’ve pulled together a few holiday marketing tips that we think you’ll really enjoy for this season!

Email Marketing

Whoever said email was dying was wrong! 2020 statistics from Hubspot related to email tell us that there are 3.9 billion daily email users. This is a huge number of users, making email a prime marketing space.

And taking into account that 81% of B2B marketers have said that their most preferred and used method of content marketing is email newsletters, you can start to see that email marketing is one to consider for your own holiday season efforts.

People are using email more than ever for a variety of purposes, so utilizing such a valuable tool for your marketing purposes is something to consider when planning your marketing.

Some ideas to get you started include:

  • Include calls-to-action. Give the person who opened your email something valuable to click on.
  • Keep the email copy consistent and concise.
  • Localize the content for your target audience. If you are looking to the local community, write with them in mind. If you want a global reach, be sure to target the email to that audience.
  • Spend time thinking about the design of the email. Keep it simple so it’s accessible but eye-catching enough to draw attention.

The great thing about email is that it’s such a constant in a technological landscape that is always evolving.

Partner With Other Local Businesses

Consider partnering with other local businesses this holiday season! According to a Google study, 66% of shoppers surveyed said that they want to shop at more local, small businesses for the holiday season.

By partnering with other local businesses, all parties will ultimately benefit! Partnering with other businesses may result in increased business, marketing opportunities, and a potential long-term relationship that extends beyond this holiday season.

For example, a printing company might partner with a local arts store. This might result in a combination deal where customers at the arts store might receive a coupon off of printing services. Or both businesses might display adverts online or in-store for the other.

There are a number of ways that local partnerships can form! Some include:

  • Baskets or shopping combinations
  • Run dual social media campaigns that highlight the various business offerings
  • Send out marketing opportunities to customer email lists
  • Services swap: promotions or collaborations can be internal as well between businesses!
  • Online collaborative events: think about different online events you could do together such as livestreams!


Make a list of email marketing topics that you might use for the holiday season! Ex: Season’s Greetings, online sales, or gift guides

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