What should I spend on marketing?

In 2022, there are more ways to market your business than ever before. But, how do you pick the right marketing tools, products, and vendors to use? How much will you need to spend on a platform? In our all-new podcast, Drew from Escape Plan Marketing and his good friend Michael with JMA Consulting reveal the hidden costs of marketing your business in 2022.

Digital Marketing Mistakes

With over 25 years in the marketing field, Drew has seen his clients taken advantage of by overpaying for products; many of which they didn’t even need. He has also seen business owners who have unrealistic expectations of what it costs for marketing products and services. Sometimes, a good deal simply isn’t a good deal.

Then come the hidden costs of marketing. Hidden costs can be crippling both personally and in business. Many marketing tools seem fairly cheap, but there can be many hidden costs depending on the market tools and services that you select. Because of this, we want this season to be a resource for you to truly understand these hidden costs.

Unfortunately, business owners oftentimes end up wasting time on learning and creating marketing products that would have been better spent on other areas of their business. It may come to a point that outsourcing your marketing needs to a marketing firm may be a better use of your business time and finances.

Who needs this series?

  1. You are starting a business, are a new business owner, or have never done marketing before. Drew and Michael will help you figure out where you should be spending money on digital marketing. They will also help you determine when you should do the marketing yourself or when you should hire someone to do it for you.
  2. You are an established business owner. You are shooting for $1 million to $20 million in annual sales, but your digital marketing has fallen to the wayside. It may be time to take your business to the next level. Or maybe you have done a great job with your marketing and you simply can’t do it anymore. It’s now time to give the responsibility to someone else so you can grow your business.
  3. You are a marketing director for a mid-sized company. You have been hired to be the marketing director, but you still need outsource a few things. You need to subscribe to different products and you are unsure of the prices. You have ideas about the types of digital marketing you want to do, but is it what you should do? You may not also know what pricing should be for the marketing tools you have found

What will I learn from Marketing Rocketfuel?

This season, Drew and Michael will focus on the hidden costs behind today’s most popular marketing platforms. They will discuss digital marketing platforms for do-it-yourself website builders and e-commerce. They will help you understand the real costs of these platforms and what it takes to have a successful business.

We’ll dig deep into using social media as a marketing tool for your business. What does it cost to do a video? How much time will it take? Will you pay a videographer or do it yourself?

In addition, Drew and Michael will explain why websites cost so much to develop. Is $25/month for a website really a good deal?

How do CEOs sabotage their own businesses? What is the “CEO bottleneck?”

Lastly, what is the difference in the cost of something versus the price?

Action Plan: Do a Marketing Audit

Do you know where to find information about your website hosting and domain registration? Who manages your email and social media? And what happens if that person gets hit by a bus?

Write down all the ways you’re currently marketing your business, who manages it, and how you can access those platforms if you need to. Having the answers to these questions will make sure you’re not stuck whenever your vendors or employees decide to move on.

Need help with your marketing audit? Set up your free Discovery Call with Drew and get our Marketing Audit Checklist absolutely free.