Guzzle that power smoothie, it’s Monday! 🥬🍌🥥 Today we’re talking about how fresh content can boost your presence in the search engines.

“My rule of thumb is, build a site for a user, not a spider.” -Dave Naylor

What do you and Google have in common? You both love fresh content.

When you search, you want new and relevant information to pop up instantly. And that’s exactly what Google aims to give you.

Creating regular web content for your visitors is called Content Marketing. And it’s like giving your website a power smoothie full of SEO goodness.

You see, each new piece of content is like a fresh strawberry for Google to gobble up. 🍓 But, failing to update your content can make even the juiciest strawberries grow stale. And nobody wants to eat a moldy strawberry. 🤢

Your content marketing plan may include blog posts, social media, videos, infographics, email… or all of the above. An experienced digital marketing agency can create a content mix that will give you the best ROI for your money.

According to a 2019 Content Marketing survey, 57% of businesses expect to see an increase in content marketing budgets. The researchers found that creating quality customer-focused content:

  • builds trust,
  • creates relevancy,
  • pushes you higher in search engines,
  • and results in more sales.

So how fresh is your content?


This week, put at least one piece of content online that focuses on customer needs and interests. No selling!

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Need Fresh Content?

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