Happy Monday. ❤️Today, we want you to imagine your business and your business goals as if they are a living, breathing organism. Just like your body and mind, you need to fuel your business to survive.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” -Peter Drucker

When you get up in the morning, do you skip breakfast? If you do, don’t you feel the energy quickly slipping away as the early morning turns into late morning and then it’s time for lunch? By lunch, you’re starving, so you eat a big meal to satisfy your hunger. But alas, now you’re tired and sleepy and the 2:30 feeling has hit; it’s difficult to concentrate and you feel like taking a nap.

You’re not fueling your body correctly and your productivity is suffering.

Think of your business in the same way. It’s easy to starve your productivity in the morning with non-essential tasks. Then, we plunge ourselves into a ton of work and get tired, burned out, and drawn toward taking a break too early.

You have to fuel your business in the same what you fuel your body: a routine of sustenance and meals. Plan your day with a steady stream of productive tasks in order to keep from starving your business and then bingeing on work.

Listen to your body and your business to find the perfect workflow. Forbes reported that time-based productivity may not be the best way to go about work. And don’t listen to what’s working for others; find out what’s working best for you.

Most importantly, learn to correctly fuel your business like your body to better serve your goals.


Stuck on the starve and binge production diet? Space your productive tasks out to fuel your creativity and your business without burning out.

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