🚀If there is one thing that last year definitely showed us, it was that there can be an overwhelming amount of anxiety tied to a big, global situation like the pandemic. This can affect people at home, work, and out in public.

There have been plenty of articles on the idea of fear and people asking the question of will our day to day life ever return to normal after COVID-19 is less pervasive. The short answer is, “no.”

So as we get into this new year, the challenge becomes overcoming business anxiety as opposed to hoping it will all go away. So, let’s have a short chat about the reality of our current living situation and how run your business with confidence.

The Fear Factor

As 2020 went on and we learned more about COVID-19, business owners started feeling a hefty amount of anxiety. From worrying about whether you could stay open or keep your employees, to concerns about doing basic things like going to work or grocery shopping, fear has been a near-constant for many people over the past year.

So how might we cope with stress and fear moving forward?

Handling fear and stress will be different for everyone, but here are a few ideas you can utilize and share with your employees moving into 2021!

  1. Take breaks from watching/reading the news.
  2. Set aside time to unwind each day/week.
  3. Connect with others. Have a daily chat with a friend or your local resident alien where you can both take some time to be social.
  4. Stretch on a regular basis. This can help to ease tension!
  5. Try to get regular sleep.

Current Reality and Changes to Expect

Now that we have some ideas on how to handle stress, let’s look at what day-to-day life in a post-COVID world might bring. The only thing we know for sure is that we don’t know for sure. But we can take a guess at some ways your daily life and business will be different.

  • The digital economy will continue to see major shifts, with more emphasis on remote work where it’s possible.
  • International travel, whether for business or personal, will see changes.
  • Workforces across industries will look, function, and meet differently, even after the pandemic.

In an article from International Monetary Fund, James Manyika had this to say: “The future of work has arrived faster, along with its challenges… This acceleration is the result not only of technological advances but also of new considerations for health and safety, and economies and labor markets will take time to recover and will likely emerge changed.”

All of these changes can produce a great deal of stress and anxiety related to your business. But, we can also take some time to digest the state of the world we’re in right now and embrace positive changes that can impact your business for quite some time.

Business Anxiety Challenge

Create a list of stress reduction methods you can incorporate into your week.

Reduce Your Stress

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