Grab your friends, it’s Monday! 🚀 Today’s Rocketfuel delivers practical tips to avoid the loneliness that comes with running a small business.

“I believe the best friendships are forged with those you can be yourself with.” -Harshvardhan Rane

As a small business owner, it feels like 90% of my conversations are agenda-driven.

Sales calls, production meetings, business networking. Every conversation is with someone I want something from or wants something from me.

Running your own business can be a lonely life. In fact, small business owner loneliness is a major cause of burnout for entrepreneurs.

Countless business blogs recommend things like networking groups, co-working spaces, and business mentors to avoid business owner isolation. These are great for building your business network, but a true friend doesn’t require you to put on your work alter-ego just to have coffee.

You need a friend outside of your business contact sphere. Someone you can hang out with and just be yourself around.

So, how do we forge human connections that live outside our Hubspot sales funnel? Here are a few tips to break free from the small business owner isolation chamber.

  • Join a Church
  • Volunteer with a Non-work-related Charity
  • Coach Your Kid’s Sports Team
  • Join a Hobby Club
  • Attend Fitness Classes at the Gym
  • Take a Hobby Class at the Community College
  • Host a Neighborhood Barbecue

These are all great ways to meet new friends. Bonus: you can even include your family to strengthen your most important relationship bonds.

Friendships outside of work will help you recharge your batteries and avoid business owner isolation. Remember, the key is to build relationships that are not aimed at a business transaction.


Who do you know that wouldn’t think it’s weird to just hang out and talk about nothing?

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