Reinvent your Mondays 🤓Let’s discuss company culture and how to curate your business to promote innovation in the workplace. After all, the greatest ideas come from where you least expect them, right?

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” – Li Keqiang

How did anyone in the ’90s get anything done at the workplace while stuffed into cubicles? How were leaders encouraging innovation in the workplace?

Innovation in the workplace is an obstacle for some companies when leaders see staff’s performance go stagnant. Today’s open office space with the ability to move around and change up the view makes the creative juices flow a little bit better.

When it comes to innovation in the workplace, office design is one of the first factors to look at. In fact, recent studies have shown that flexibility is an important element of office design to much of the younger workforce.

For your company’s office space, try to change up the office flow and promote transparency through glass walls for meeting rooms and open floor plans. Tear down high-walled cubicles and replace them with airy desks and even softer seating so employees can relax just a tad when they work. You’ll see that productivity, creativity, and, more importantly, innovation will increase.

Let’s take for example Amazon’s efforts in promoting innovation in the workplace. From the Expressions Lab to the company’s 100-member Symphony Orchestra, the company makes an effort to foster creativity. Because it knows that creativity and innovation go hand-in-hand.

Amazon even outlines 6 ways that it cultivates innovators through allowing failure, promoting creatives, and giving employees opportunities to expand their horizons.


How are you cultivating innovation in the workplace? Try changing up office design and flow to see how it impacts your staff.

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