We ❤️ Monday! Today, our combination is 1 part wake-up juice and 2 parts love potion. We just call it Monday Morning Rocketfuel.

“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.” -Betty Bender

Y’know I recently cut my finger and didn’t see any green coming out.

It turns out, we’re not Vulcans after all. And humans are incapable of making decisions on logic alone.

Running a business (or working for one) doesn’t change that.

The emotional center in our brain is called the Amygdala. Studies have shown when it gets damaged, our brain makes it harder to make decisions. Even simple ones like do I want pizza or burgers for lunch today?

Now that we understand we’re all human, let’s take another big leap. So are our clients.

Nurturing your emotional intelligence, or EQ, helps us understand the client’s motivation in their own decision making process. When we know what the client really needs on a logical and emotional level, we are equipped to meet their needs and create a win-win situation.


In your meetings this week, move past what the other person wants. Instead, try to understand why they want it.

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