🚀 Here at Escape Plan Marketing, we love comics! You might be wondering what this has to do with unique content that will help you as a business stand out from your industry. Allow me to paint a short metaphor.

When it comes to comics, there’s usually some kind of special edition compilation that will be released of a series at some point in its lifespan! This often results in a high-quality book that is hardback and might have special features like bonus content, author or artist notes, and other things that weren’t found in the original paperback books.

These special edition comic books stand out from the crowd and offer comic lovers a really fantastic piece of content that they can hold onto for a long time.

Original Content Makes You Stand Out

In the same vein as those unique comic books, original content for your business is a valuable way to stand out from those in your industry. Whether that original content comes in the form of blogs, videos, a podcast, or more tangible items like physical books or magazines, original content is a way to show your expertise.

And it shows your clients or customers that your company has the capacity to think and act creatively!

Original content serves you and your company on many fronts.

  • You display that you really know and understand your audience.
  • You can help to create and garner engagement with your audience.
  • You display thoughtful leadership, setting yourself up as a knowledgeable entity within your industry.

Providing Your Audience With Useful Content

One important part of creating original content is to ensure that it will be useful or informative to your audience. Since a company’s brand is practically always under development, as industries and companies are always changing, your original content can serve as a great way to keep up with those changes!

Original content can really allow you to provide valuable insight into your industry while engaging with your customers.

For example, if you are a fabrication facility that offers a niche type of specialization, crafting content that allows you to share information around that niche to your audience can set you apart from the crowd. You are offering specialized content that they can’t find elsewhere and you’re able to engage with your audience through that content.

Difference In Quality

Original content is going to vastly differ in quality to more mass produced content. You can definitely go out and find plenty of formattable posts, blogs, and other content that can be repurposed for branding needs.

But remember what we said about the difference between the special edition comic book and all the extras that come with it compared to the everyday paperback version? 🤔

The exact thing can be seen in original content that has been created for your company! Instead of using generic content that can be seen just about anywhere, more individualized content will be of higher quality. Unique ideas, perspectives, and value are afforded by original content, no matter the form it takes!

Comic book fans love being able to have a distinctive book they love and your customers will enjoy seeing individualized content that they can enjoy too.


Brainstorm some ideas that you can turn into original content, whether it be blog posts, images, or videos!

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