🚀 A clearly-defined online marketing strategy is important for a medium-sized business on any normal day. But it’s more important than ever right now! With the world in a very different state than we were in this time last year, marketing is playing a bigger role than ever before.

Digital marketing is especially key to your business in several ways that we’re going to discuss in today’s Rocketfuel! As a medium-sized business, now is the perfect time to really understand why marketing is important to your business.

Being Found Online

By marketing your business online, whether through your site, social media, or specific advertisements, you are making it easier for current and potential customers to find you. With people staying home and limiting time spent out in public spaces, being online is the easiest way to be found! This can be through:

  • Search engine optimization can help you be found through specific keyword searches
  • Social media marketing (our specialty!)
  • Updating your current site or taking steps to create one

Keeping up your online marketing strategy will allow customers to more easily find you, whether they’re human or alien visitors stopping by Earth. 👽

Keeping In Touch With Customers

Depending on your business, you may be closed to customers at the moment. But an online marketing strategy for staying in touch with those customers can be very effective! Social media is one of the most straightforward ways to do this. People, on average, spent 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media per day in 2020. That’s quite a bit of time!

By using digital marketing to keep in touch with your customers, you can share deals, new products, and updates on your business that they may be interested in! This keeps you in touch with them even though they may not be physically coming into your business.

The Competition Is Online Too

Apart from reaching your customers, digital marketing is important now because your competition is going to be online too! Though your competitors are certainly business’ that you compete with, they are also business’ that you can learn from.

What kind of content are they using for their own digital marketing and online presence? Since your competitors are going to be in your industry, considering what content, the way they communicate, and how they approach their own customers can give you ideas for your own business! Learning from them can be a fantastic way to learn what’s work and what’s not.

Online Marketing Strategy Challenge

Make a list of some of your competitors. Look at their online marketing strategies and see what is working for them and what might work for you in turn!

Increase Your Engagement

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