Rise and shine, it’s a new week. 🚀Your company’s brand identity tells the world what to expect when they do business with you. But, are you defining your brand identity or is it defining you?

“Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.” – Elon Musk

In other words, brand identity is not only what you’ve created for your business. It’s also what your customers and clients think of your business and how they connect with it.

Take for example PBS. On its 50th anniversary, the media broadcaster changed its logo. This shift as the new decade arrives will better help the company connect with modern viewers and take a step toward the future — a brand identity the company is trying to achieve.

When you think about brand identity, it’s a concept that can be hard to execute. How do you establish yourself with a solid reputation and create a clear and consistent brand across all of your business?

First, you must define it. Is your business a mom-and-pop shop that customers can rely on to provide quality one-on-one customer service? Or maybe you’re expanding into different markets and you want to come across as a successful company that clients can turn to for life-long service. Whatever it is, that must become part of your brand identity.

Then, your interactions with customers are the next important part of building that brand identity. No one wants to be known as the company who blows off complaints or concerns, so watch how you and your employees communicate publicly.

Lastly, just like PBS, it’s OK to rebrand. In fact, it can help reenergize your business and show that your company doesn’t live in the past but rather, is able to move forward into the future with current trends.

But when it’s time to define your brand, rebrand, or even just audit your brand, make sure it works for your business and your customers.


Take an honest look at your brand identity. Do your logo, symbols, graphics, photos and media accurately represent what you want your business to be?

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