🚀 Last year saw a massive shift in the discussion of remote workforces and where they live. In a recent piece, CNBC reported that 14-23 million Americans were planning to relocate to an entirely new city or area due to acceptance of remote work growing.

This is also a shift that’s affecting businesses from large corporations to small and medium-sized companies. In another survey conducted by Intermedia, they found that 57% of small and medium-sized businesses were planning to offer remote work options in the long term! While not everyone will or can make that shift to offer remote work, it’s becoming an increasingly enticing offer for employees and businesses alike.

So how might you go about attracting those remote workers to your company? 🤔

Remote Speak

If you’re at a point where you have remote opportunities and can support those opportunities, be sure to speak directly to potential candidates that might fill those roles.

One way to do this is to incorporate your remote opportunities directly into your job listings as a clear goal for your business. This is a super simple way to show potential candidates that you are serious about remote work.

3 Ways to Identify Your Business as Remote-Friendly

  • Include a “what to expect during a remote interview” page somewhere in your hiring FAQ section.
  • If you already have employees who are working remotely or in a more flexible position, see if they might share their stories. Having a face to put to the opportunity can make the remote position seem that much more plausible!
  • Incorporate your new-found remote culture and opportunities into the story of your company. Prospective candidates will do research into your business, and seeing some history to your remote culture can be a fantastic way to catch their attention.

When we look at the future of remote workforces, a comment from Upwork’s chief economist is pretty revealing for the business owner side of things: “In the remote world organizations can find talented workers wherever they live; and this opens up an opportunity for companies to build a well-skilled workforce.”


Brainstorm 2-3 ways that you might be able to incorporate remote culture into your business.

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