🚀 2020 has been a year for sure. With 2021 coming up soon, let’s think about some unique ideas that you can start off the new year with a good step in terms of marketing.

Marketing, across all industries, serves as a useful tool at any point in the year. But for New Year’s, using a little creativity can be an effective way to reach your audience and customers!

Whether you’re looking to increase sales or reach out to established customers, there are some fantastic marketing ideas with a New Year’s slant,

New Year’s Email Blast

We’ve talked about email marketing before and it’s certainly a marketing tactic that is highly effective and inexpensive! When you think about sending out a New Year’s email, you can do a few things.

  • Offer customers a special of some kind that ties into the New Year.
  • Consider making the offer email only, so that your email subscribers get something exclusive.
  • For timing, send the email a few days before New Year’s Day. There’s going to be an influx of marketing emails in people’s inboxes on the actual day. So make sure you stand out a little bit!

Whether you go the punny route for your email (Don’t drop the ball) or a classic “look back” at the past year theme, there’s a number of ways you can approach your New Year’s Emails!

Looking for some inspiration?

Share Tips

Tip sharing is always extremely popular around the New Year’s. You’re actually reading an example right now!

Make your suggestions stand out by offering unique tips related to your industry. This places you as an expert in your field and gives your customers something unique to take away!

For example, if you’re a construction company who does home renovations, you can share some basic tips for homeowners who might be looking to make simple and easy-to-do changes in their home during the New Year without going into a full renovation.

Lean Into the Spirit

You can completely ham it up with the New Year’s content marketing! Consider your social media and your website as fantastic starting points. Sprinkle in some fireworks or 2021 glasses for a bit of fun. Or perhaps work with a fun, New Year’s themed color palette for your social media content.

Another idea might be to share what some of your general plans are for the new year in a social post. Are you bringing in a new team member or incorporating some new tech advancements that have been made? Share that news!

Embracing the spirit of the New Year can be a fun way to step up your marketing efforts for a select period of time! It gives you a chance to connect with your audience and customers in a relatable manner that can go a long way to helping your business stick in their minds as the New Year goes by.


Create and schedule 5 social media posts featuring tips that tie to your business or industry for the New Year.

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