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Hosting without the headache.

WordPress Hosting Plans Starting at $9.95

Escape Plan Hosting is designed for people who would rather focus on running their business than figuring out terms like SFTP, CDN and WTF. (Ok, I’m sure you know that last one.)

We handle everything. We’ll move your existing site, set up your email, and make sure everything is secure.

Relax. We got this.


All hosting plans include…

  • Free Domain Setup: We tell the interwebs where to look for your website.

  • Free Site Transfer: We’ll move your existing website for you.

  • Free Email Setup: Ditch that AOL address for an email at your own domain.

  • Free Secure Certificate: Look for the little green lock icon in your browser. That means any info submitted through your site is secure and encrypted.

  • Free Site Scanner: Prevent hacks before they happen. We monitor your site 24/7 for malware, adware and any other “ware” trying to do you harm.

  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
    If your server is down for more than 5 minutes any month, you’ll get that month free.*

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Affordable Hosting Plans

Fully-managed web hosting starting at $9.95.

Economy Hosting

  • Under 10,000 Visits
  • 1 Website
  • 1 Email Address

Startup Hosting

  • Up to 25,000 Visits
  • Up to 5 Websites
  • 10 Email Addresses

Business Class Hosting

  • Up to 100,000 Visits
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 25 Email Addresses
  • 2x the Speed

Bonus: Get 1 Month FREE with Annual Payment

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We make this easy. Enter a few details and your personal hosting specialist will call to get you all set up.

Which Plan Should I Choose?


Perfect for sole proprietors or charity groups who just need a basic web presence and single email address.


You’re going places and need a plan to keep up. Provides email for you and your team and handles more visitors to your site.

Business Class

For high traffic websites with lots pages, media, or products. Our lightning fast server network gives your site twice the speed all over the planet.

Um… What is Hosting?

Hosting is just nerd speak for where your website lives. It’s a computer designed specifically for delivering your web content to anyone anytime. These machines are also known as web servers.

Escape Plan’s servers are located in over 100 data centers around the world. That means your website gets delivered fast no matter where the visitor on the other end lives.

We also have a 99.99% uptime guarantee. If your server is unavailable for more than 5 minutes in a month, you’ll get that month free.

More Questions?

Common Questions

What do you need to move my site?2018-03-18T22:11:07-04:00

We’re happy to move your website free of charge when you switch to Escape Plan Hosting. But, we will need a bit of info to make it happen.

If you have a WordPress website, we just need an administrator-level login.

For other sites, we’ll need access to FTP and the MySQL database (if there is one). If you don’t have this information, your current web host will.

Finally, we’ll need access to your domain registration account. This would be someplace like GoDaddy or Network Solutions, but there are hundreds of other places you could be registered.

Apples to Apples

Your website will be transferred as-is, with no updates. Because we didn’t build your site, we can’t be responsible for any features that don’t work with current technology. We will provide an estimate for any required updates prior to moving your site.

What kind of websites can I transfer?2018-03-18T23:22:49-04:00

We Can Move It

If your website was created using any or all of these technologies, we can move it.

  • WordPress Websites

  • PHP

  • MySQL Databases

  • HTML5 & CSS3

  • JavaScript & JQuery

Let’s Chat First

Websites made using the following technologies can’t be moved directly. But, we’ll be glad to talk with you about recreating the site or building a new one.

  • Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix

  • GoDaddy Site Builder

  • ASP Classic or .Net

  • Cold Fusion

Don’t worry. We’ll check out your site before committing to move it.

What does web hosting include?2018-03-18T22:46:16-04:00

Hosting service includes a place to put your domain, store the files and receive your email. We will help set up email on your phone, desktop or tablet device if necessary.

Hosting service does not include ongoing updates to the website content or code. We can provide a separate estimate for that.

All Hosting Plans Include:

  • Free Setup

  • Free Site Transfer

  • Email at Your Domain

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate

  • Site Scanner Malware Protection

  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

What happens if your headquarters burns down?2018-03-18T22:52:17-04:00

We don’t see any rogue meteors headed our way, but just in case we’ve got you covered.

Websites are hosted on our global content delivery network (CDN). Copies of the site are distributed to over 100 data centers all around the world.

Even if half the globe goes dark, your website will still live on. Although, I think we’ll have more important things to worry about then.

How will I be billed?2018-03-18T23:01:43-04:00

You can choose to pay for hosting annually or via a monthly automated payment. When you sign up, your personal hosting specialist will call to collect payment information.

Payment will be deducted each month on the anniversary of your signup date.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit and debit cards.

Will I get locked into a contract?2018-03-18T23:07:20-04:00


You can choose to go month-to-month or pay for a year in advance. It’s totally up to you.

If you ever decide to cancel, just contact us at least 5 days prior to your next billing date. Hosting service will end on the last date of your current billing cycle.

Sorry, but we cannot provide refunds for prepayment of service.

Do I get a discount for annual payment?2018-03-18T23:12:23-04:00

You’re our kind of smart shopper. 🙂

Yes, pay for a year in advance and get one month FREE.

Do you offer a guarantee?2018-03-18T23:21:05-04:00


All hosting plans come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. If your server goes down* more than 4 ½ minutes in a month, you’ll get that month free.

*What exactly does that mean?

If your website becomes unavailable because something went wrong on our end, it counts.

If you do something and break your website, it doesn’t.

Need More? Just Ask.

How do I order Add-Ons?

Choose your hosting plan and one of our friendly hosting specialists will call to complete your order. Just let them know about any extras you’d like and they’ll take care of it for you.

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