Red Ryder vs. The Martians

How Small Business Can Compete with Big Box Alien Invaders

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped into a local business and heard, “Yeah, we’ve got a website. But, it’s not very good.”

This kind of response totally blows my mind. If your front-line employees are embarrassed to give out your web address, then why do you still have it?

Of course, we know the typical answer to that question. Making a new website takes time and money — and both are usually in short supply at a small business. Trust me, we get that.

But, that old and busted site is costing more than you know.

Lost Customers

70-80% of people research online before they will ever try a small business.

If visitors don’t like what they see, they won’t come. If they can’t find you on Google, they won’t come. And if your site doesn’t work on mobile, they won’t come.

You won’t ever get feedback from these potential customers. They just move on thinking your business isn’t worth their time.

But wait. It’s worse than you think. When employees are reluctant to share the website, your customers won’t share it with their friends, either. That’s a huge potential market that will never know you exist.

How much are those customers worth?

The Martians Have Landed

As a small business, you know your main competitor is not the other guy across town who does the same thing. It’s the giant alien invaders who move in and devour a whole city block.

It’s hard enough to compete against the likes of Walmart, Amazon and Olive Garden. But, sticking with a lame website is like battling phaser cannons with a BB gun.

They have bigger stores, more money, and better brand recognition.

Sure, you have better products and customer service. But, your website didn’t get that memo.

Time to Fight Back

Don’t let that lame website hold you back anymore. Whether you fix the existing site or build a new one, hire a professional and follow these guidelines:

  • Attractive design that represents your brand
  • Clear calls to action
  • Directions and a link to Google Maps
  • If you sell products, include professional photographs
  • If you provide services, tell us what they are in a language we can understand
  • If you serve food, include a mobile-friendly menu
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you: Phone, Contact Form, and Social Media
  • Must work on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Include SEO basics like page titles and meta descriptions

We Can Help

Escape Plan Marketing exists to give small business a fighting chance on the web. We go beyond the basics to create a unified web marketing plan designed to convert curious onlookers into paying customers.

Yes, you can compete. Call 980-285-7782 or contact us for a free quote today.

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Drew Horine

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A digital marketing pioneer, Drew has worked with top brands all over the planet for over 20 years.
Drew Horine
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